Latin Root Words: cred = believe

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  1. Granting approval or belief in a school
    accreditation (n)
  2. A document that proves a person is believable
    credential (n)
  3. Believable or reliable
    credible (adj)
  4. To believe that someone will do something
    credit (v)
  5. A person who believes that he will be paid back the money that he loaned
    creditor (n)
  6. Tending to believe too easily; easily convinced; easily fooled
    credulous (adj)
  7. A set of religious beliefs or principles
    creed (n)
  8. To refuse to believe; to reject as untrue
    discredit (v)
  9. Doubting; unwilling or unable to believe
    incredulous (adj)
  10. Not believable; improbable; unlikely
    incredible (adj)
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