Plat Tectonics Vocab

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  1. Lithosphere
    the outer shell of Earth that extends to a depth of 100 km
  2. Plate Tectonics
    theory of the formation and movements of the plates that cover the Earth's surface
  3. Lithospheric Plates
    a number of rigid, but moving, pieces of the Earth's surface
  4. Athenosphere
    the partially melted layer of the mantle that underlies the lithosphere
  5. Continental Drift
    the theory that all continents are fragments of Pangaea now drifting apart
  6. Seafloor Spreading
    states that youngest rocks of ocean floor are at diverging boundaries, moving outward
  7. Diverging Boundries
    forms when two (crustal) Lithosphere plates move apart
  8. Sliding (Transforming) Boundries
    forms when two (crustal) Lithospheric plates slide past each other
  9. Converging Boundries
    forms when two (crustal) Lithospheric plates come together

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Plat Tectonics Vocab
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Science Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Vocab
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