7th Man, manu= Hand

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  1. emancipate (v)
    to set free: to lend a hand in freeing someone: to release from someone's hands.
  2. manacles (n)
  3. manager (n)
    a person who has the upper hand: a person who is in charge of someone or something.
  4. mandate (n)
    an order or command places in one's hands.
  5. maneuver (v)
    to handily or skillfully go around something.
  6. manicure (n)
    a treatment for the hands.
  7. manipulate (v)
    to skillfully operate by hand.
  8. manual (n)
    a handbook; a book of directions.
  9. manufacture (v)
    to make by hand or by machine: to change raw materials into a new product.
  10. manuscript (n)
    a handwritten or typed piece of writing, such as a book.
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7th Man, manu= Hand
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