medical terms

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  1. cooperates with the circulatory system to provide oxygen for body cells and to expel waste carbon dioxide through breathing.
    respiratory system
  2. The drawing of air into the lungs is . It is also called in/halation.
  3. Expelling air from the lungs, the act of breathing out or letting out ones breath,is expiration.This is the same as .
  4. pretains to the lungs
  5. The nose, nasal cavity,paranasal sinuses, pharynx, and larynx comprise the?
    Upper respiratory tract
  6. The trachea , bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, and lungs belong to the ?
    Lower respiratory tract
  7. -epiglott(o) epiglottis
    -laryng(o) larynx
    -nas(o),rhin(o) nose
    -palat(o) palate
    -pharyng(o) pharynx
    -sin(o), sinus(o) sinus
    Upper Respiratory tract
  8. -alveol(o) alveoli
    -bronch(o), bronchi(o) bronchi
    -bronchiol(o) bronchioles
    -lob(o) lobe
    -phren(o) diaphragm or mind
    -pleur(o) pleura
    -pneumon(o),pulm(o), pulmon(o)lungs
    Lower respiratory tract
  9. -action process
    -capnia carbon dioxide
    -pnea breathing
    -ptysis spitting
  10. acid(o) acid
    alkal(o) alkaline;basic
    ox(i) oxygen
    phas(o) speech
    phon(o) voice
    spir(o) to breathe
    Word parts used to describe function
  11. Air firs enters the body through the?
  12. Air then passes over the vocal cords in the larynx before reaching the trachea, also known as the windpipe. the trachea divides into two primary bronchi, which divide further into many . Oxygen and carbon dioxide are changed with the alveoli.
  13. Literal interpretation of para/nasal sinuses means the air cavaites the nose
  14. the hollow interior of the nose is seperated into right and left cavities by the
    Nasal septum
  15. means inside(within) the nose
  16. means behind the nose and means above the nose
    Retro/nasal and supra/nasal
  17. refers to the palate
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