Texas Waterfoul

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  1. American Wigeon - Female (note speckled head)
  2. American Wigeon - Male (note green eye patche on speckled head & white "bald patch" on head
  3. Blue Winged Teal (note crescents on male's face) blue on opened wing, but green speculum. Female is mottled brown overall like Cinnamon teal female but plumage is duller
  4. bufflehead female (gray overall with oblong white patch behind eye)
  5. bufflehead male
  6. Green winged teal - female. (green speculum) Smaller bill than other female teals and a pale belly
  7. Canvasback female. Forehead slopes to a long black bill
  8. Canvasback male (white back) Forehead slopes to a long black bill
    • Cinnamon teal (male & female)
    • Female is mottled brown overall like Blue winged teal female but plumage is a richer brown
  9. Goldeneye female (Choculate head with 'golden eye', gray body)
  10. Goldeneye (Common) male Compare to Hooded Merganser
  11. Gadwall female (note white speculum) female brownish, Male subdued gray,
  12. Gadwall male (white speculum doesn't show here) Male subdued gray, female brownis
  13. Green winged teal - male
  14. Greater White Fronted Goose (2+ feet
    • Ross’s Geese (white & blue morph) 2 feet
    • In back right: Snow goose, which also in blue morph as well as white (2 1/2 feet)
  15. Hooded Merganser female (similar head shape to male with crest lowered - same short bill)
  16. Hooded Merganser male (hood lowered)
  17. Hooded Merganser male (hood raised)
  18. Scaup female - brown through out with bold white area encircling the bill.
  19. Scaup male (black on the ends, white in the middle) Head shape differs between Greater & Lesser
  20. Juvenile or eclipse male Mallard. Mallard female is similar but bill is orange with a broad black patch in the middle
  21. Mallard male
  22. Mottled Duck (sexes alike) Differs from female Mallard by darker plumage, lack of white in tail and no black on bill
  23. Pintail (Male has "pin tail", longer neck, hocolate head with white line & white breast. Female is mottled warm brown with dark bill. Tail is shorter but slightly pointed
  24. Red Brested Merganser female (note bill, shaggy head)
  25. Red Brested Merganser male (note bill, shaggy head)
  26. Redhead female. Bill is shorter than Canvasback and paler with a black nail preceeded by a faint white ring
  27. Redhead male (gray back vs. Canvasback's white back) Bill is shorter than Canvasback and paler with a black nail preceeded by a faint white ring
  28. Ring Necked Duck female (note white ring on bill)
  29. Ring Necked Duck male (note white ring on bill)
  30. Ruddy Duck female (note bill & shape) Male in winter looks similar but with his white checks
  31. Ruddy Duck male (breeding plumage) blue bill, stiff tail, big white check. In winter, black gray & white but with same white checks
  32. Shoveler female (note shoveler shaped bill - also bill only orange tinged)
  33. Shoveler male
  34. Wood Ducks
  35. Common Loon (Breeding plumage)
  36. Common Loon (winter plumage)

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Texas Waterfoul
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Ducks Geese Texas Birds

Waterfoul found in Texas
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