Nursing Arts

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  1. Stethoscope
    Heart, lung, bowel sounds, blood pressure
  2. Sphygmomanometer
    Blood pressure
  3. Base
    Battery source
  4. Otoscope
    Ear, tympanic membrane, cerumen, foreign objects, infection
  5. Ophthalmoscope
    Eye, sclera, pupils, retina, blood vessels
  6. Tuning Fork
    Hearing, nerve sensitivity
  7. Tongue depressor
    Gums, teeth, tonsils, throat
  8. Precussion Hammer
    • Reflexes, Babinski (bottom of foot), Patellar(under knee cap),
    • Bicep
  9. Glove
    • Non sterile ( to protect the MA or medical personnel)
    • Bimanual ( will use two hands to perform the procedure).
  10. Nasal speculum (specula)
    Inspect the lining of the nose, nasal membranes, internal septum
  11. Gloves

    Non sterile, used fr bi manaual exam, palpate ovaries, uterus
  12. Vaginal speculum
    Open vaginal canal
  13. Spatula and/or cytobrush
    Obtain pap smear, cytobrush for cervical and spatula for vaginal cells
  14. Slides
    Cancer detection, label "e" or "c" for endocervical & label "v" for vaginal
  15. Fixative
    Adheres cells, apply immediately, spray 6" from slide & let dry 10 mins.
  16. Culturette

    Culture, sterile
  17. Sponge forceps
    Hold sponges, absorb secretions
  18. Cotton tip appicators
    Absorb minor sectetions
  19. 4x4 gauze
    Absorb excess secretions
  20. Lubricant
    Water soluble, not t be used before a pap smear, for bimanual exam
  21. Emesis basin
    Vomitus, soiled instruments
  22. Gown
  23. Drape

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Nursing Arts
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General GYN exams

Tools used in both exams
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