skeletal system part 3

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  1. collarbone
  2. how many clavicles are there and what are they attached to?
    • 2 clavicles
    • attached to the manubrium by ligaments
  3. shoulder bone
  4. how many scapulas are there and what do they provide for?
    • 2 scapulas
    • provide for the attachment of the upper arm bones
  5. upper arm
  6. lower arm on thumb side
  7. larger bone of the lower arm
  8. what is the olecranon process and what does it form?
    the projection at the upper end of the ulna is called the olecranon process and it forms the elbow
  9. name & number of bones of the wrist
    caprals - 8
  10. name & number of bones of the palm of the hand
    metacarpals - 5
  11. name & number of bones of the fingers
    phlanges - 14
  12. the pelvic girdle is made up of ____
    2 os coxae (hip bones)
  13. the 2 os coxae join with the _________
    sacrum on the dorsal side of the body
  14. the 2 os coxae join together at a joint called the _________
    symphysis pubis on the ventral side of the body
  15. both of the os coxae is made up of how many fused sections and what are they?
    • 3 fused sections
    • ilium
    • ischium
    • pubis
  16. acetabula
    sockets in each os coxae that provide for the attachment of the leg bones
  17. obturator foramen
    an opening between the ischium and the pubis that allows for the passage of nerves and blood vessels to and from the legs
  18. the leg has _______ __________ (thigh)
    1 femur
  19. the leg has ____ ______(kneecap)
    1 patella
  20. the leg has ___ _____ and ___ ___ (lower leg)
    1 tibia and 1 fibula
  21. the leg has ___ _________(ankle)
    7 tarsals
  22. large tarsal that forms the heel
  23. the leg has ________ _________(instep)
    5 metatarsals
  24. the leg has _________ _______ (toes)
    14 phlanges

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