"Horizons 8.2"

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  1. I would talk
    je parlerais
  2. You would talk
    tu parlerais
  3. he/she/it/one would talk
    il/elle/on parlerait
  4. we would talk
    nous parlerions
  5. you (pl, f) would talk
  6. they would talk
    ils/elles parleraient
  7. I would finish
    je finirais
  8. you would finish
    tu finirais
  9. he/she/it/one would finish
    il/elle/on finirait
  10. we would finish
    nous finirions
  11. you would finish
    nous finiriez
  12. they would finish
    ils/elles finiraient
  13. I would lose
    je perdrais
  14. you would loose
    tu perdrais
  15. he/she/it/one would loose
    il/elle/on perdrait
  16. we would loose
    nous perdrions
  17. you (f, pl) would loose
    vous perdriez
  18. they would loose
    ils/elles perdraient
  19. I would go
    je irais
  20. you would go
    to irias
  21. he/she/it/one would go
    il/elle/on irait
  22. we would go
    nous irions
  23. you (pl,f) would go
    vous iriez
  24. they would go
    ills/elles iraient
  25. I would have
    je aurais
  26. you would have
    tu aurais
  27. he/she/it/one would have
    il/elle/on aurait
  28. we would have
    nous aurions
  29. you (f, pl) would have
    vous auriez
  30. they would have
    ils/elles auraient
  31. I would be
    je serais
  32. you would be
    tu serais
  33. he/she/it/onw would be
    il/elle/on serait
  34. we would be
    nous serions
  35. you (pl,f) would be
    vous seriez
  36. they would be
    ils/elles seraient
  37. I would do
    je ferais
  38. you would do
    tu ferais
  39. he/she/it/one would do
    il/elle/on ferait
  40. we would do
    nous ferions
  41. you (pl, f) would do
    vous feriez
  42. they would do
    ils/elles feraient
  43. devoir
    • devrais
    • devrais
    • devrait
    • devrions
    • devriez
    • devraient
  44. vouloir
    • voudr-
    • voudrais
    • voudrais
    • voudrait
    • voudrions
    • voudriez
    • voudraient
  45. venir
  46. devenir
  47. revenir
  48. voir
  49. pouvoir
  50. mourir
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