Psyc Exam 4 Abnormal -ch 12 child dis.

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  1. mental retardation
    • significantly subaverage intellectual functioning AND
    • deficits or impairment in at least two areas of life functioning
  2. down syndrome
    • genetic form of mental retardation
    • presence of three chromosomes rather than the usual two on the 21st pair
  3. phenylketonuria
    • body cannot break down the amino acid phenylalanine
    • if untreated leads to mental retardation
  4. fragile x syndrome
    • most commonly inherited cause of mental retardation
    • occurs when DNA series makes too many copies and turns off a gene on the X chromosome
    • when the gene is turned off cells wont make necessary protein so FXS occurs
  5. fetal alcohol syndrome
    • leading known preventable environmental cause of mental retardation
    • results from drinking alcohol during pregnancy
  6. cultural-familial retardation
    • mild mental retardation more common among children in lower socioeconomic classes
    • considered retardation due to psychosocial disadvantage
  7. learning disorders
    conditions involving academic achievement below expectations for age, years in school, and IQ score
  8. pervasive developmental disorders
    • serious impairments in child's reciprocal social interaction and communication
    • presence of stereotypical behavior, interests, and activities.
  9. autism spectrum disorders
    • autistic disorder
    • Asperger's disorder
    • pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified
  10. autisitic disorder
    • qualitative impairment in social interactions and communication
    • pattern of restricted and stereotyped behaviors, interests, and activities
  11. Asperger's disorder
    impairment in social interaction, restricted and stereotypical behaviors, interests, and activities, but no deficits in communication and at least average intellectual functioning
  12. pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (NOS)
    children who have some but not all of the behaviors that characterize autistic disorder
  13. ADHD
    • common childhood disorder
    • inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsivity
  14. conduct disorder
    • continuous and repeated pattern of violating basic rights of others or breaking societal rules
    • agression towards people or animals
    • destruction of property
    • deceitfulness or theft
    • serious rule violations
  15. oppositional defiant disorder
    • negative, hostile, or defiant behaviors
    • less severe than those in conduct disorder
  16. pica
    recurrent, compulsive consumption of nonnutritive items
  17. rumination disorder
    regurgitating recently eaten food into the mouth, followed by either rechewing, reswallowing, or spitting it out
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