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  1. neo nate means
    new baby; 19-22 inches, 5-9 lbs. (normal)
  2. lamaze
    breathing, relaxed, have the baby
  3. Dr. Leboyer
    dim lights, baby in water after birth
  4. how many babys are born every minute?
  5. fetal alcohol syndrome
    smaller baby, numerous disorders (FAS)
  6. prenatel development-3 stages
    • 1st-germanal-fertilized egg (zygote), embilicol chord, lasts for 2 weeks.
    • 2nd-embryonic stage- 8th week, web feet, fingers and toes, tail
    • 3rd-fetal- concern with alcohol and smoking

  7. 1900-1950
    • start looking at children differently
    • -social and economic changes make childhood special time
  8. maturation
    the sequential unfolding of genetically influenced behavior and physical characteristics
  9. universal adaptability
    point you can learn any language but cued into english
  10. mothereze/parenteze
    way mother talks to baby
  11. telegraphic speech
    omit words
  12. grammar and syntax
    rules of language
  13. rules of conversation
    • 1. opening conversation-greeting
    • 2. understanding unwritten, take turns talking
    • 3. closing
  14. object permanence
    objects continue to exist when hidden
  15. conservation concept
    ages 7-11 logically determine that a certain quantity will remain the same despite adjustment of the container
  16. symbolic ability
    sets humans apart from other creatures
  17. tempermant
    babys emotion
  18. what percent of babys are born with slight push from nature
  19. cognitive
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