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  1. Hinged clasp, from the Sutton Hoo ship burial, England, c. 625

    • -Animal interlace
    • -Boar = symbolizes bravery
  2. Page with Man, Gospel book of Durrow, Gospel of St. Matthew, probably made at Iona, Scotland or northern England, 2nd half 7th century

    • -Verso side
    • -Man w/wings = evangelist symbol for Matthew
  3. Evangelist Matthew, Lindisfarne Gospels, northern England, 710-720
  4. Chi-Rho Iota Page – Book of Kells, ca. 800
  5. Saint Matthew, folio 18 verso of the Ebbo Gospels, Reims, c. 816-835
  6. Saint Matthew, folio 15 recto of the Coronation Gospels from Aachen, c. 800-810
  7. Plan of St. Gall, ca.820
  8. Cover of the Lindau Gospels, late 9th century
  9. Gero Crucifix, Germany, c. 970

    • -Made for cathedral
    • -Ottonians = itinerant (moved around a lot)
  10. Doors of Bishop Bernward, Made for abbey church of St. Michael, Hildesheim, Germany, 1015, bronze
  11. Santiago de Compostela, Galicia Spain, 1078-1122 Ground Plan
  12. Ground plan of Fontenay Abbey (Cistercian order), Burgundy, France, 1139-1147
  13. Nave and cloister of Fontenay Abbey (Cistercian order), Burgundy, France, 1139-1147
  14. Reliquary Statue of Sainte Foy, Abbey Church of Conques, France, late 9th – early 10th century with later additions, silver gild over wood core, with gems and cameos, 33” high
  15. Ground plan Durham Cathedral, England, 1087-1133
  16. Porch Priory church of Saint-Pierre, Moissac, Trumeau, Old Testament Prophet

    • -Jeremaiah?
    • -No inscription on scroll, so identity difficult to determine.
    • -Figural relief integrated w/the column--body is twisting; writhing
  17. Gislebertus (artist), Last Judgment, Tympanum on West Portal, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, c. 1120-45
  18. Column Capital: Suicide of Judas, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, Burgundy, France, c. 1125
  19. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery – wool on linen, c. 1066-1082, 20” high x 231’ long
  20. St. Denis (East End (chevet), ambulatory, chapels), 1140-1144
  21. Chartres Cathedral Royal Portal, c. 1145-1155
  22. Chartes Cathedral, west portal, Jamb statues Old Testament kings and queens, c. 145-1155
  23. Chartes Cathedral Interior, begun 1194

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Art History Final
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art history Byzantine Medieval Gothic

art history Byzantine Medieval Gothic
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