Conflict Resolution Notes

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  1. Causes of Conflict
    reasources, data, relationships, values
  2. Resources
    any thing wiht a limited supply
  3. data
    anything that the answer can be obtained from a source
  4. relationships
    interactions between two or more people
  5. Values
    major isues in the news, beliefs
  6. easiest conflict to resolve?
  7. Hardes conflict to resolve
  8. Avoider
    NO WAY! chooses not to deal with conflict. if possibe an _____ will actually walk away when faced with conflict
  9. accomodator
    YOUR WAY! puts aside one's own needs and concerns in order to satisfy the needs of the other perosn. This is a person that will quickly apologize even if they are not wrong or invlolved in the situation.
  10. compromiser
    HALF WAY! tries to seek middle ground. They are willing ot giver somehting up in order to get something
  11. collaborator
    OUR WAY! works with all people invovled to stisfy the needs of al. it invovles problem solving in order to have both people's needs met. one party does not wit at the other's expense
  12. competitor
    MY WAY! this person tries to win or make the other person lose by giving-in. this person will defend his/her position without regar ot others. they assume that in order to win, hte other person must lose.rarely apologize
  13. Lion
  14. zebra
  15. chameleon
  16. turtle
  17. dolphin
  18. I feel...
    express the feeling
  19. when you...
    describe the other peron's behavior
  20. because...
    explain the behavior's effect on you
  21. I need...
    state what you want to happen
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