religion chapter III:The Holy Spirit and Blessed Trinity vocabulary

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  1. gifts of the Holy Spirit

    page 69
    • - An outpouring of God's gifts that enable us to live a Christian life. The traditional gifts of the Holy Spirit are:
    • wisdom
    • understanding
    • knowledge
    • counsel (right judgement)
    • fortitude (courage)
    • piety (reverence)
    • fear of the Lord (wonder and awe)
  2. theophany

    page 70
    - An appearance or manifestation of God to humans
  3. Paraclete

    page 72
    • - Another tname for the Holy Spirit that means:
    • advocate
    • defender
    • consoler
  4. grace

    page 77
    - God's gift of friendship and life that enables us to share his life and love.
  5. charism

    page 77
    • - A special gift of the Holy Spirit that helps us build up the church, Christ's body. Some of these gifts are the ability to:
    • express wisdom and knowledge
    • healing
    • prophecy
    • discernment of spirits
  6. fruits of the Holy Spirit

    page 78
    - Perfections that result from living in union of the Holy Spirit
  7. divine mission of the Blessed Trinity

    the special roles in salvation history attributed with each member of the Trinity:

    • the Father is the Creator
    • the Son is the Savior
    • the Spirit is the Sangtifier

    The whole plan of salvation os the common work of the three divine Persons who possess on and the same nature.
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