Pine Cone Biology

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    Sugar Pine

    • from california, very large pine cone
    • needles in bundles of 5
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    Long Leaf Pine

    • wet sandy soils, needles bundle of 3
    • highly resistant to fire, resinous wood
    • for lumber and pulp.
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    Loblolly Pine

    • piedmont, southern appalachian,
    • heavily cultivated, considered yellow pine
    • landscape timber, withstands fire(pyroclimax)
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    Pitch Pine

    • grows in sandy soils, native 3 needle pine
    • acidic soil pH, yellow pine grouping
    • cone scale with spiny prickle
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    Jack Pine

    • serotinous cone (mature late in season open by fire)
    • upper great lakes species
    • NOT commercially valuable
    • resting home for kirkland warbler
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    Norway Spruce

    • used in paper and timber production,
    • dark green in color, cones have bluntly to
    • sharply triangular pointed scale tips
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    Eastern White Pine

    • native tree, 5 needles in a cluster
    • rounded, irregular shape
    • cone scales smooth, resinous,
    • bark varies with age, soft wood for
    • ship building
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    Red Pine

    • 2 needles in a cluster, smooth cone scales
    • plantation tree, sandy loam soils, common
    • around adirondack lakes, seeds food source
    • for squirrels, mice voles etc.
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    Colorado Blue Spruce

    • light flexible cone scales, commonly found
    • along stream sides in mtn valleys.
    • rhombic needles in cross-section
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    Scotch Pine

    • 2 needled pine, introduced from Europe
    • ornamental use, needles twisted and
    • blue in color.
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    Douglas Fir

    • cone looks like mouse tail, leaves are flat
    • soft and linear, used in construction & most
    • commonly marketed xmas tree.
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    • cones found at very tip of the pine,
    • conical to irregular cone, shade tolerant tree,
    • pendant terminal cones, deep furrowed bark
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