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  1. When and why was the Yalta Conference held?
    In February 1945, it was clear Germany was losing the European war, so the Allied Leaders met at Yalta in Ukraine to plan what would happen to Europe after Germany's defeat
  2. Who were The Big Three?
    • Roosevelt - USA
    • Churchill - UK
    • Stalin - Soviet Union
  3. What things did the Big 3 agree upon at Yalta?
    • Germany would be divided into 4 zones: American, French, British and Soviet
    • Since the capital Berlin was deep in the Soviet zone, they agreed also to divide Berlin into 4.
    • Agreed to hunt down and punish criminals of war
    • Agreed to establish United Nations
  4. When and where was the Potsdam conference?
    • 17th of July - 2nd of August 1945
    • Held in the Berlin suberb of Potsdam
  5. Who was involved in the conference?
    • Stalin - Soviet Union
    • Truman - USA (Roosevelt died on 12 April 1945)
    • Attlee - UK (Churchill was replaced halfway through the conference
  6. The victorious powers agreed upon:
    • Democritisation
    • Demilitarisation
    • Denazification
    • Decartilization
  7. End of WWII in Europe
    7 May 1945
  8. Bomb dropped on Hiroshima:
    6 August 1945
  9. Emperor Hirohito announces Japanese surrender and end of Pacific War on:
    10 August 1945
  10. Iron Curtain Speech
    5 March 1946
  11. Truman Doctrine
    March 1947
  12. Marshall Plan is proposed
    June 1947
  13. Czechoslovakia becomes communist, and Marshall Plan is accepted:
    March 1948
  14. The Berlin Blockade began
    June 1948
  15. Stalin ends Berline Blockade on
    9 May 1949
  16. NATO is formed when?
    4 April 1949

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