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  1. The most northern horizontal street inside of the circle. Intersects with freemont, a vertical street.Above Sahara
    Charleston Road
  2. Between Charleston and Dessert Inn Road
    Intersects with Las Vegas Freeway and Las Vegas Expressway
    Boulder Highways, which is pretty much Freemont
  3. Freemont turns into what?
    Boulder Highway
  4. Cuts like a wiggly line north and south through UNLV
  5. Which one do you have to memorize more?
    East west
    North south?
  6. Between Sahara and Flamingo
    There is a long stretch between these roads
    Intersects with Paradise, Mcleod, and Eastern
    Dessert Inn Rd
  7. In the Paradise Area, what are the 6 vertical streets you should know?
    Swenson, South Maryland, South Eastern, Mcleod, Pecos, Paradise
  8. Between Desert Inn and Harmon
    Touches the North Side of UNLV
  9. If you keep driving north on Pecos
    you will connect to Mcleod
  10. Cut up by UNLV
    Between flamingo and tropicana
  11. Between Harmon and Hacienda
    Touches the south side of UNLV
  12. Between tropicana and sunset
    westward it leads to the airport connector
  13. southernmost of the Paradise area within the circle
    Warmsprings, also your 2-15 exit.
  14. Mcarran internations is surrounded by what?
    Tropicana, LV BLVD, Sunset Rd, S Easterns Ave
  15. UNLV is covered by what four sts?
    • Flamingo
    • Maryland
    • Swenson
    • Tropicana
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