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  1. Northern White Cedar

    evergreen tree with fan like branches and scaly leaves, small tree, grows in wet forestsused for craft, construction and medicine
  2. Ginko

    • leaves are decidious & fan shaped with
    • an apical sinus, ovule enclosed in fleshy
    • capsule that smells, it is dioecious.
  3. Table Mtn Pine

    rounded, irregular shape. needles are in bundles of two, occasionally three. cones are ovoid, pale pinkish to yellowish buff, each scale bears a stout, sharp spine, prefers dry conditions
  4. Pinyion Pine

    edible pinyon nuts, The fragrance of the wood, especially when burned, is unmistakable, grows in the southwestern United States and in Mexico
  5. Balsam Fir

    Erect cone, disintegrates when ripe, Soft, blunt, single needles. Directly attached to twig. Two-ranked off the twig
  6. Red Spruce

    • 4 sided needles, sharp pointed needles
    • pendant cones, rough twig surface
  7. Black Spruce

    • cones are smallest of all the spruces,
    • straight trunk with little taper, narrow, pointed crown of short, compact, drooping branches with upturned tips, grows near timberline and adirondack mtns.
  8. White Spruce

    large evergreen tree, the cones are pendulous with thin, flexible scales. leaves are needle like, bark is thin and scaly, flaking off in small circular plates

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Pine Cone Biology Contin.
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