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  1. amendment 1
    5 rights: PRAPS
  2. amendment 2
    right to bear arms
  3. amendment 4
    protection from unreasonable search and seizure (use of search warrants)
  4. amendment 5
    rights of the accused, double jeopardy, eminet domain, self incrimination
  5. amendment 6
    rights of the accused, speedy trial by jury
  6. amendment 8
    Prohibition of excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment.
  7. amendment 13
    forbids slavery in US
  8. amendment 15
    any male citizen can vote
  9. amendment 17
    senators are elected by voters in each state, not appointed
  10. amendment 19
    women's suffrage (right to vote)
  11. amendment 20
    lame duck: shortens period of time between election day and inauguration day
  12. amendment 22
    no president may serve more than 2 terms
  13. amendment 25
    • VP becomes president if president cannot carry out his duties
    • president nominates VP if VP cannot carry out his duties
  14. amendment 26
    minimum voting age for any US election is 18
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