Chapter 9

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  1. Anarobic Respiration
    degradation of sugar without Oxygen

    also called, fermentation
  2. Aerobic Respiration
    consumes organic molecules and oxygen

    yields ATP
  3. Cellular Respiration
    includes Anaerobic and Aerobic Respiration

    common: aerobic
  4. Redox Reactions
    Reduction of Oxidation

    transfer of e- releases energy used to synthesize ATP
  5. Oxidation
    • a substances looses e-, looses more potential energy
    • -less electroegative-
    • "oxidized"
  6. Reduction
    • a substance gains e-, gains potential energy
    • -more electrolynegative-
    • "reduced"
  7. Reducing agent
    donor of the e-

    ex. Na
  8. Oxidizing Agent
    receptor or e-

    ex. Cl
  9. Glycolysis
    breaks down glucose into two molecules of pyruvate
  10. Citric Acid Cycle
    completes breakdown of glucose
  11. Oxidative Phosphorylation
    accounts for most ATP synthesis.
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