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  1. Which of these is not a layer of the orthokeratinized stratified squamous epithelium?
    basal layer
    intermediate layer
    prickle layer
    granular layer
    intermediate layer
  2. The basal layer of oral mucosa generally has:
    columnar shaped cells
    two cell layers
    cells undergoing mitosis
    keratin being produced
    cells undergoing mitosis
  3. when viewing the oral mucosa on the floor of the mouth through microscope, what can be seen?
    salivary glands
  4. Which of the following areas of the oral cavity is categorized as having lining mucosa?
    attached gingiva
    hard palate
    soft palate
    palatal rugae
    soft palate
  5. What type of tissue makes up the lamina propria of the oral mucosa?
    connective tissue
  6. the turnover time for taste buds is__________days
  7. The mucogingival junction is the scalloped division between the attached gingiva and the________
    alveolar mucosa
  8. What is the difference between orthokeratinized and parakeratinized epithelium?
    orthokeratinized have no nuclei, parakeratinized have nuclei
  9. buccal mucosa is to lining mucosa as_______is to___________
    • attached gingiva
    • masticatory mucosa
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