Cat Muscles; Pink

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    Achilles Tendon

    • Location: Hind leg
    • connects gastrocnemius to calcaneus bone
    • Other: connects to heel
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    Adductor Femoris

    • Location: Hind leg, medial
    • Origin: Pubis
    • Insertion: Femur
    • Movement: Adduction of thigh
    • Other: short and fat, 2 parts but one muscle, below adductor longus
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    Adductor Longus

    • Location: Hind leg, medial
    • Origin: Pubis
    • Insertion: femur
    • Movement: adduction of thigh
    • Other: long and skiny, in groin
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    Extensor Digitorum Longus

    • Location: Lower hind limb
    • Origin: Tibia
    • Insertion: digits
    • Movement: extends toes, straightens them
    • Other: only digit in leg, front of shin
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    • Location: Hind limb, lower leg
    • Origin: Femur (back)
    • Insertion: Calcaneus (heel)
    • Movement: Extensor of foot, plantar flexion
    • Other: Calf, upper traingular muscle, behind knee
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    • Location: Hind limb, upper and medial
    • Origin: Ilium
    • Insertion: Tibia
    • Movement: adducts the thigh
    • Other: above gracilis, innter thigh and up
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    What is muscle number 2

    • Location: Hind limb, upper and medial
    • Origin: pubis
    • Insertion: tibia
    • Movement: adducts thigh
    • Other: behind sartorius, innger thigh, thin and long
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    Peroneus Longus

    • Location: lower hind limb
    • Origin: tibia and fibula
    • Insertion: metatarsals
    • Movement: extend foot, plantar flexion
    • Other: next to soleus``
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    • Location: lower hind limb, on back
    • Origin: fibula
    • Insertion: calcanues (heel)
    • Movement: extensor of foot, plantar felxion
    • Other: calf, works with gastrocnemuius, lower shank in front
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    Tibialis Anterior

    • Location: Lower hind leg
    • Origin: tibia
    • Insertion: metatarsal
    • Movement: flexes foot, dorsi flexion
    • Other: opposite gastrocnemius, on tibia, on tront
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    Vastus Lateralis

    • Location: Medial, upper hind leg
    • Origin: feur
    • Insertion: tibia
    • Movement: extends knee, straighten
    • Other: opposite biceps femoris, top of thigh line
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    Rectus Femoris

    • Location: upper hind leg
    • Origin: ilium
    • Insertion: tibia
    • Movement: extends knee, flex hip, kick leg
    • Other: along top of femur
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