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  1. Which of the following teeth is succadaneous?
  2. during the cap stage of tooth development, the tooth germ consists of?
    • enamel organ
    • dental sac
    • dental papilla
  3. What is the difference between gemination and fusion?
    • gemination - tooth germ unsuccessfully tries to split - 1 root
    • fusion - crowns of 2 teeth fuse together, looks like one tooth on top, but has more than 1 root
  4. will differentiate into odontoblasts
    outer cells of dental papilla
  5. support structure for ameloblasts
    outer enamel epithelium
  6. will differentiate into the dental pulp
    inner cells of dental papilla
  7. will differentiate into ameloblasts
    inner enamel epithelium
  8. What induces the cells of the dental sac to differentiate into cementocytes?
    the newly formed dentin
  9. enamel hypoplasia is decreased_____of the matrix, while enamel hypocalcification is decreased______because it didn't fully mineralize
    • quantity
    • quality
  10. the periodontal ligament secures the tooth by anchoring int the_________and ________
    • cementum
    • alveolar bone
  11. "bending of roots because HERS was distorted" is a definition of which developmental disturbance?
  12. passive eruption is when the gingiva recedes around the tooth. Active eruption is when the tooth moves in a horizontal position to erupt
    • the first statement is true
    • the second statement is false, it moves in a vertical positon
  13. what is the difference between a dentigerous cyst and an eruption cyst?
    • dentigerous cyst occurs when the tooth is impacted around a fully formed crown
    • eurption cyst occures while the tooth is erupting and usually goes away once the tooth is fully erupted
  14. What fuses with the oral epithelium during eruption?
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