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  1. cerebr/o
  2. crani/o
    cranium (skull
  3. dendr/o
    • tree
    • dendrons, the highly branced portion of the neuron, conduct nerve impulses toward the cell body
  4. encephal/o
    • brain
    • Encephalocele is a condition in which portions of the brain and meninges protrude through a bony midline defect in the skull. It is usually associated with a neural tube defect
  5. gangli/o
    • ganglion (knot or knotlike mass)
    • A ganglion is a mass of nerve cell bodies (gray matter) in the peripheral nervous system
  6. gli/o
    • glue; neuroglial
    • A glioma is a tumor composed of neuroglial or supporting tissue of the nervous system
  7. kinesi/o
  8. lept/o
    • thin, slender
    • the leptomeninges include the pia mater and arachnoid, both of which are thin and elicate in structure, as opposed to the dura mater
  9. lex/o
    • word, phrase
    • Dyslexia is difficulty or inability with reading, including the tendency to reverse letters or words when reading or writing
  10. mening/o; meningi/o
    meninges (membranes covering brain and spinal cord)
  11. myel/o
    • bone marrow
    • spinal cord
  12. narc/o
    • stupor
    • numbness
    • sleep
  13. neur/o
  14. radicul/o
    nerve root
  15. sthen/o
    • strength
    • hypersthenia is a condition of excessive strength or tonicity of the body or a body part
  16. thalam/o
    • thalamus
    • Thalamotomy is performed to treat intractable pain or psychoses
  17. thec/o
    sheath (usually refers to meninges)
  18. ton/o
    • tension
    • Dystonia usually refers to a movement disorder characterized by sustained muscle contractions resulting in a persistently abnormal posture
  19. ventricul/o
    ventricle (of heart or brain)
  20. '-algesia; -algia
  21. 'asthenia
    • weakness; debility
    • my/asthenia - muscle weakness
  22. '-esthesia
    • feeling
    • Hyper/esthesia involves a marked sensitivity to touch, pain or other sensory stimuli
  23. '-kinesia
    • movement
    • hyper/kinesia - excessive movement; also called hyperactivity
  24. '-lepsy
    • seizure
    • narc/o/lepsy - seizure of sleep
  25. 'paresis
    • partial paralysis
    • hemi/paresis - paralysis of 1/2 of the brain; also called hemiplegia
  26. '-phasia
    • speech
    • a/phasia - without speech
  27. '-plegia
    • paralysis
    • quadri/plegia - paralysis of four (extremities)
  28. '-taxia
    • order; coordination
    • a/taxia - without coordination
  29. pachy-
    • thick
    • packy/mening/itis - inflammation of the dura mater
    • dura mater is a thick membrane that provides protection for the brain and spinal cord
  30. para-
    • near, beside
    • beyond
  31. syn-
    • union, together, joined
    • syn/algia - referred pain
    • Pain in a deteriorated hip commonly causes referred pain in a healthy knee
  32. uni-
    • one
    • uni/later/al - pertaining to one side

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