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  1. What is operational control
    The execise of authority over initiating, conducting or terminating a flight
  2. Who has Operational Control
    DO, CP, DoM, ADoM, GM, DoS
  3. Class I Navigation
    Enroute flight operations conducted within the service volumes of air navigation facilities (VOR, NDB, etc.)
  4. Class II Navigation
    Anything other than Class I Navigation
  5. Authorized weather sources
    Jeppesen, WSI, DTC DUATS,
  6. Pretakeoff Contamination Check
    5 minutes prior to beginning takeoff.
  7. RVSM Requirements (FL290-FL410)
    • Two independant altimeters
    • Altitude reporting transponder
    • Altitude alert system
    • Altitude hold
    • Aircraft authization
    • Pilot trained
  8. Authorized areas of operation
    GOM Op Specs B050
  9. What TMC can and cannot do
    GOM Op Specs A004
  10. Decent below MDA/DH
    • In a position from which a normal approach can be made and one of the following:
    • Runway, markings, lights
    • Approach light system
    • Threshold, markings, lights
    • TDZ, markings, lights
    • Visual glide path indicator (PAPI, VASI)
    • REIL
  11. Alternate airprt minima
    • One Nav: +400' and 1sm to MDA/DH
    • Two Nav: +200' and 1/2sm to the higher of the two appraoches used
  12. Standard takeoff mins:
    1sm or RVR5000
  13. MEL Categories
    • A: Specified
    • B: 3 calendar days
    • C: 10 clandar days
    • D: 120 calander days
  14. Eligible On Demand provisions
    • Operate to without weather but must file an alternate to an airport that does.
    • 80% rule when using DAAP (PIC must land)
    • Alternate can use the 80% rule
  15. Eligible On Demand Operation when SIC has less than 100 hours in the plane
    • PIC makes all takeoffs and landings:
    • DAAP is used
    • Visibility less than 3/4 mile
    • less than RVR4000
    • Contaminated runway
    • BA reported less than GOOD
    • Crosswind greater than 15
    • Windshear
    • Emergency
    • Anytime PIC determines necassary
  16. Destination Airport Analysis Program (DAAP) Weather
    • Turbulence less than moderate
    • Gust 20 knots or less
    • Crosswind less than 15 knots

    If these are not met, crew may depart with alternate filed that does meet this.
  17. Destination Airport Analysis Program (DAAP) Aircraft/Runway
    • TR's
    • Speed brakes
    • Antiskid
    • Zero tailwind
    • Most suitable runway
    • UNICOM and CTAF used
    • Wet: add 15%
    • Contaminated prohibited

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