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  1. Middle Period
    High Point
  2. Golden Age meant
    people were happy, and economy was good
  3. downfall meant
    foreign invasions
  4. downfall corruption meant
    • stealing money
    • taking bribes
    • breaking own laws
  5. downfall about public meant
    • publics works declined
    • floods and dams broke
    • no $ for homeless or needy
  6. in downfall there were secret
  7. the downfall ended because of
    grassroots peasant rebellions
  8. new beginnings meant
    • redistribution of land
    • public works fixed
    • economic boom
    • tax system fixed
  9. first dynasty =
  10. during the first dynasty they made
    advances in medal work
  11. during the first dynasty they had cities with
    40,000 to 50,000 people
  12. during the first dynasty they developed:
    metallic currency (coins)
  13. during the first dynasty they had a:
    king who was loyal to kings not state
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