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  1. 10th Dynasty=
    Ch'ing Dynasty
  2. the 10th Dynasty was a
    non-chinese dynasty- ruled by Manchu people
  3. manhcu people were
    not ethnically chinese but had adopted many chinese traits
  4. the manchu people (what did they do)
    • conquered land north of great wall at first
    • then took control of southern china when the chinese people agreed to be ruled by them
  5. chinese man had to
    wear a braid in their hair to be easily distingushed between the Manchu people
  6. the opium war was
    when the Europeans had to convince the Chinese they needed Opium because it was the only thing the Europeans had that the chinese didn't. the chinese did not want the opium so it had to be smuggled.
  7. what was the only port the English could use to smuggle opium
  8. who won the opium war
    the war was EASILY won by the English
  9. what was the point of the treaty of nanking
    • allowed english to trade in other ports
    • forced the chinese to replace destroyed opium
  10. why did the 10th dynasty fall?
    china was divided by european countries

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