Cat muscles; Orange

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  1. Biceps Brachii

    • Location: Forelimb, medial
    • Origin: scapula
    • Insertion: ulna
    • Movement: flex elbow
    • Other: round, shiny, top of humerus
  2. Clavobrachialis

    • Location: Shoulder, medial
    • Origin: clavicle
    • Insertion: ulna
    • Movement: extend humerus, flex elbow, turn head
    • Other: over shoulder, shoulder over humerus to ulna, top of humerus and arm muscles
  3. External Oblique

    • Location: abdominal area, outer, left and right
    • Origin: ribs
    • Insertion: ilium, top of hip bone
    • Movement: support, flex trunk, for jumping and twisting
    • Other: reddish, on sides of stomach
  4. Rectus Abdominus

    • Location: abdominal area, down center
    • Origin: pubis
    • Insertion: ribs
    • Movement: support, flex of trunk, posture, bend over
    • Other: spine of cat, ribs to pubis, purpleish
  5. Sternomastoid

    • Location: neck, head
    • Origin: sternum
    • Insertion: mastoid process on skull
    • Movement: look down, flex cervical vertebrae
    • Other: in neck, on top and center

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Cat muscles; Orange
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