Micro exam 3

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  1. Cells of Immunity
    • Lymphocytes
    • Macrophages
  2. Lymphocytes
    • have very specific surface receptors for antigens.
    • All look alike but actually 2 major types:
    • T-lymphocytes(T-cells)
    • B-lymphocytes(B-cells)
  3. T-lymphocytes
    Develop in thymus
  4. B-lymphocytes
    • : make antibodies
    • Develop in bone marrow compartment
  5. Macrophages
    • Found in tissues and organs
    • Play a major role in immunity
    • Phagocytose antigen
    • Degrade it (“processed antigen”)
    • Redisplay processed antigen on surface
    • Transported processed antigen to lymphoid tissue where T- and B- cells are waiting
  6. Immune Response 2 major divisions
    • Antibody mediated immunity (humoral)
    • Cell-mediated immunity
  7. Antibody-mediated immunity (humoral)
    Defense processes that are mediated by antibodies
  8. Cell-mediated immunity
    • Defensemechanisms that are medicated by T-cells and:
    • i. Eukaryotic pathogen
    • ii. “Antigen marked” cell (ie: cell modified by viral infection, cancer or mutation)
    • iii. Foreign transplants
    • iv. Delayed-type hypersensitivity
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