بكرة في المشمش

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  1. طُب الجَرة على تُمها تِطلع البنت لأُمها
    • turn the earthen pot upside down, the girl will still be like her mother
    • Like mother, like daughter
  2. العين بصيرة واليد فصيرة
    the eye sees but the hand doesn't reach
  3. كُل فولة مُسوسة لها كيّال أَعود
    every decayed bean has a one-eyed man to weight it
  4. رَبَّنا يَبْعَث اللوز للي ما لهُ أسنان
    the lord sends almonds to those without teeth
  5. رِحلة الأَلف ميل تَبدأ بِخَطوة
    a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step
  6. الصَراحة راحة
    frankness is peace of mind
  7. طَمَعُه قَتَلُه
    his greed killed him
  8. الغَريق يِتْعَلَّق بِقَشة
    the drowning man clutches at a straw
  9. أكَل الجَمَل بِما حَمَل
    he ate the camel and all it carried
  10. راح الخيط والعُصفور
    • both the line and the bird have gone
    • Its gone- hook line and sinker
  11. الصَبْر مُرّ وثَمَرَتُه حِلوة
    patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet
  12. حِلْم القُطَط كُلُه فيران
    • the dream of cats is all mice
    • to have a one track mind
  13. صاحِب الحَق لَهُ مَقام ولَهُ مَقال
    the man who is in the right has both stature and the last word
  14. الدَراهِم مَراهِم
    money is a salve
  15. مَن طَلَبَ العُلى سَهِرَ الليالي
    • He who seeks higher things stays awake at nights
    • 'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.'
    • King Henry IV, pt 2 Shakespeare
  16. ضَرَب عُصْفورين بِحَجَر
    he struck two birds with one stone
  17. يوم عسَل ويوم بَصَل
    One day honey, one day onions
  18. أُدْخُلوا البيوت مِن أبوابها
    enter houses by their front doors
  19. الحيطان لها أَودان
    walls have ears
  20. الجاهِل عَدو نَفسُه
    the inorangt person is his own enemy
  21. ذَنْبَك على جَنبَك
    your guilt stands at your side
  22. الكلام لَهُ طَعم مِثَل الطعام
    talk has a taste like food
  23. عَدَم الجواب جواب
    no answer is an answer
  24. خَلّي البطّيخ يِكَسِّر بَعضُه
    let the water melons break each other
  25. تيتي تيتي مِثَل ما رُحْتي مِثَل ما جيتي
    • as you went, so you came back
    • so what else is new
  26. إللي بيجي هيك بِروح هيك
    What comes this way, goes this way
  27. الأَسَدُ في بِلادِ الغُربةِ جَبان
    the lion is a coward in strage lands
  28. خيرها في غيرها
    a better one in another one
  29. مِثَل أُم العروسة
    like the mother of the bride
  30. مَن حَفَرَ حُفْرَةً لأَخيهِ وَقَعَ فيها
    he who digs a hole for his brother will fall into it
  31. مَن سَدَّد ديونُه نامَت عيونُه
    he who has paid his debts can close his eyes
  32. كل ديك مَذْبَلَتُه صيّاح
    • every rooster is a town crier on his own dung heap
    • Every cock will crow upon his own pile of shit
  33. كل حُلة فيها عِلة
    • nothing is perfect
    • every garment has a fault
  34. سَمَحنالَهُ فات وفَوَّت حِمارهُ
    • we let him in and he brought his donkey too!
    • Give him an inch and he'll take an mile
  35. دُودِ الجِّبْن مِنُّه وفيه
    the worms of cheese are of the cheese itself
  36. طَنْجَرَة ولاقِت غَطَاها
    a pot that has found its own proper lid
  37. آخرِ اللَّيل بِتسمَعِ العِيَاط
    towards the end of the night you shall hear shrill cries
  38. اﻵخرِة يا فاخرِة
    it is the end that counts, you boaster
  39. آه يا حَينُه لَولا عَيْنُه
    oh what a pity- if he only had an other eye!
  40. أأنا رَبِّ العِزّ؟
    Am I the lord of might?
  41. الأب عاشق, ولامّ غَيرانِة والبِنت في البيت حيرانِة
    the father is unfaithful the mother is jealous the daughter is at home perplexed
  42. أب هات مِش أب خُوذ
    a Priest is a man who says give not take!
  43. أَبْخَل مِن كَلب (البنوك
    Stinger than a dog, banks
  44. أَبرَد مِن طِيزِ السَّقَّا
    colder than a water-carriers ass!
  45. أَبرَد مِن طِينِ الشِّتي
    Cloder than clay in winter time!
  46. أَبرَك (أَسعد) إيامَك تَنِفيد كلامَك
    The most blessed days are those in which your words are carried out
  47. إِبعَتِ أبنَك للسُّوق وشوف مِن بِعَاشِر
    Send your son to the market-place and you shall find out with whom he will associate
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