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  1. the more, the merrier
    the more people there are, the more fun something will be

    * Lydia asked if she could bring her cousins to the party, and I said, “Of course! The more, the merrier!”
  2. thrilled

    to thrill
    • прил. взволнованный,
    • возбужденный,
    • захваченный,
    • заинтригованный

    • г. вызывать трепет, сильно
    • взволновать, трепетать, испытывать трепет, сильно волноваться, сильно
    • взволноваться, колебаться, дрожать, вибрировать
  3. a feast
    to feast

    * The wedding feast was delicious, with enough meat, breads, desserts, and drinks for 300 people.
    a very large meal, usually for many people

    • с. пир, праздник
    • г. пировать, праздновать, угощать,
    • принимать
  4. to go overboard

    * Alberto just started a new exercise program, but he’s going overboard and exercising at least two hours a day.
    • do something in an extreme way (especially as a result of
    • over-enthusiasm);

    to be too enthusiastic about something; to do something beyond what one should; to do too much
  5. a roast

    to roast

    * Grandma Chin has a delicious recipe for a pork roast with an apple-butter sauce.
    a large piece of uncut beef or pork cooked in an oven

    • с. жаркое, жареное мясо,
    • приготовление жаркого, жестокая критика

    • г. жарить, зажаривать, печь,
    • жариться, печься; обжигать, кальцинировать; греть, греться; выжигать;
    • высмеивать, издеваться, жестоко критиковать

    прил. жареный
  6. a ham

    * He always has a ham-and-cheese sandwich for lunch.
    – pork; the meat from the top part of a pig’s leg

    с. окорок, ветчина, бедро, ляжка
  7. stuffing

    to stuff

    * Their family makes a stuffing with apples and carrots. It sounds strange, but it’s very tasty.
    – a mixture of chopped bread, herbs, vegetables, and fruits put inside of a turkey, duck, or chicken, and cooked in an oven

    • с. набивка, начинка, фарш, прокладка,
    • наполнение избирательных урн фальшивыми бюллетенями

    • г. набивать, заполнять; начинять,
    • фаршировать, пломбировать (зуб); объедаться, закармливать, засовывать, затыкать;
    • обманывать, мистифицировать
  8. yam

    * Do you think we should make some baked yams for dinner?
    m – a vegetable that is orange-colored that is a root of a plant, similar to a sweet potato

    с. ямс, батат
  9. an eggnog

    * Would you like a glass of eggnog or do you prefer soda?
    – a holiday drink made from alcohol, eggs, milk, and spices

    с. яично-винный коктейль, эгног
  10. to save room for (something)

    * I’m glad you like the salad, but please don’t eat too much of it. Save room for the pasta!
    – to stop eating before one is full, so that one will be able to eat something else later
  11. pumpkin pie


    * Nancy served us huge slices of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.
    – a dessert baked in an oven, made with soft, sweet pumpkin in the middle and crust (harder edge) on the bottom and sides

    с. тыква, болван
  12. gingerbread house

    a gingerbread

    * The girls tried to make a gingerbread house, but it kept falling down, so they decided to just eat the gingerbread by itself.
    – a dessert made of cookies flavored with ginger, put together in the shape of a house and decorated with candies

    с. имбирный пряник
  13. to carve the bird

    to carve

    * Their grandfather always lets the children help him carve the bird for the Thanksgiving dinner.
    – to cut an oven-cooked turkey, chicken, or duck into small pieces for each person to eat

    • г. вырезать, резать, высекать,
    • гравировать, разделывать, делить, дробить
  14. to do the honors

    * We need a close friend to give a speech at our wedding reception. Would you do the honors?
    – to perform a ceremony or ritual; to do an important thing

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