ch 11 embryo

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  1. what is the LARGEST ENDOCRINE gland?
    thyroid gland (check out my big THYroid)
  2. the thyroid gland has ____ ducts and secretes DIRECTLY into the ________
    • no
    • bloodstream
  3. the thyroid gland produces __________ which _________ metabolic rate
    • thyroxine
    • stimulates
  4. what regulates metabolism?
    the thyroid gland, it produces thyroxine! yay
  5. the thyroid gland is covered by a _______ ________ capsule that extends into the gland by way of the ______
    • connective tissue
    • septa (septum)
  6. the septa of the thyroid divides gland into little sections called _________
  7. each follicle of the thyroid has an outside layer of _______ ________ epithelial cells that surround a material called ________ which aids in the production of _________
    • simple cuboidal
    • colloid
    • thyroxine
  8. what is the space between the cells of the thyroid called?
  9. the thyroid develops at the _____ of the tongue and ______ through the _________ _______ down the neck
    • BASE (its a base jumper)
    • migrates
    • thyroglossal duct
  10. if pieces the formation of the thyroid get stuck as it migrates down the neck, what could happen?
    it could become cystic
  11. what is a clinical consideration of the thyroid?
  12. a goiter is an ______ thyroid gland, from lack of _______
    • enlarged
    • iodine
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