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  1. sacar
    to remove
  2. saltar
    to jump
  3. saludar
    to greet
  4. sanar
    to heal
  5. satisfacer
    to satisfy
  6. sentir
    to feel
  7. servir
    to serve
  8. significar
    to signify, mean
  9. sobrevivir
    to survive
  10. sonar
    to sound
  11. soñar
    to dream
  12. sonreír
    to smile
  13. soportar
    to endure or support (physically)
  14. sospechar
    to suspect
  15. sugerir
    to suggest
  16. suponer
    to suppose
  17. temer
    to fear
  18. teñir
    to dye
  19. teñirse
    to dye (one's hair)
  20. terminar
    to finish
  21. tirar
    to throw
  22. tomar
    to take or drink
  23. trabajar
    to work
  24. tratar
    to treat, handle
  25. tropezar
    to trip
  26. ubicar
    to locate
  27. unir
    to unite
  28. utilizar
    to use, utilize
  29. vencer
    to conquer
  30. vestir
    to dress
  31. volar
    to fly
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