CRJ 700 Autoflight Limitation

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  1. Autopilot engage TAKEOFF
    600ft AGL
  2. Non-Precision Approach (minimum)
    • 400ft AGL
    • Approved for airport elevations > & < 4000ft
  3. Precision Approach <3.5 degrees (minimum)
    • 80ft AGL
    • Approved at airport elevations > & < 4000ft
  4. Precision Approach >3.5; <4.0 degrees (minimum)
    • 120ft AGL
    • Approved at airport elevations <4000ft
  5. Autopilot use in RVSM Airspace
    ADC source coupled to the active autopilot must be the same as the coupled to the ATC transponder.
  6. Selecting MDA
    When setting the MDA marker on the barometric altimeter using the DH/MDA knob on the altitude reference panel, the next highest 10ft increments must be selected if the altitude is not at the 10ft increment.
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