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  1. The tissue fluid that drains from surrounding tissues into the lymphatic vessels
  2. What is the main function of lymph
    helps remove cell waste
  3. Describe the sequence that the lymphatic drainage goes through
    lymphatic capillaries to lymphatic vessels to lymphatic ducts
  4. follows veins, flow into larger vessels called lymphatic ducts
    lymphatic vessels
  5. lymphatic ducts drain into the__________at the___________veins
    • venous system
    • subclavian
  6. Where is the upper right quadrant of the body draind into? Where is the rest of the body drained into?
    • right subclavian
    • left sublcavian
  7. bean shaped bodies grouped around lymph vessels
    lymph nodes
  8. These filter toxic products from the lymph so it won't enter the blood stream
    lymph nodes
  9. Can lymph nodes usually be palpated?
    not if they are healthy
  10. What are 2 types of lymph nodes?
    primary and secondary
  11. why are there primary and secondary lymph nodes?
    because sometimes lymph is filtered twice
  12. lymph nodes are surrounded by a_____________capsule
    connective tissue
  13. What type of cells are lymph nodes full of?
  14. cells that filter out the toxins in the lymph
  15. large masses of lymphocytes that do not have the connective tissue capsule
  16. What are 3 types of tonsils?
    • palatine
    • lingual
    • pharyngeal
  17. of the 3 types of tonsils, which can not be seen clinically?
  18. What are 2 clinical considerations of lymph?
    • lymphadenopathy
    • cancer
  19. enlargement of lymph nodes or tonsils because there are more lymphocytes in the area to fight infection, can become palpable and tender
  20. What clinical consideration of lymph is often a sign of AIDS?
  21. the lymph vessels are a common way for________to spread
  22. what type of cancer is an especially big risk for spreading through lymph?
    breast cancer
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