Vocab Unit 3

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  1. Articulate
    To pronounce distinctly or something expressed clearly and forcefully
  2. Cavort
    To prance around exuberantly; to make merry
  3. Credence
    Belief; mental acceptance
  4. Dissemble
    To disguise or conceal
  5. Decry
    to condemn; to officially depreciate
  6. Distraught
    very much agitated or upset as a result of emotion or mental conflict
  7. Eulogy
    A formal statement of commendation or high praise
  8. Evince
    To display clearly, to provoke
  9. Exhume
    To remove from a grave; to bring light to
  10. Feckless
    Lacking in spirit or strength; unreliable
  11. Murky
    Dark and gloomy, obscure
  12. Nefarious
    Wicked, devoid of moral standards
  13. Piquant
    Stimulating to the taste or mind; appealingly provocative
  14. Primordial
    Basic, or created at the very beginning or ancient times
  15. Propinquity
    Nearness in place or time
  16. Unwonted
    Not usual or expected; not in characted
  17. Utopian
    Involving a view of an ideal world
  18. Verbiage
    Language that is too wordy or inflated
  19. Verdant
    Green in color; immature in experience or judgement
  20. Viscous
    Lacking in easy movement or fluidity

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Vocab Unit 3
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