Physics Test 4

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  1. A hypothetical atom has four distinct energy states. Assuming all transitions are possible, how many spectral lines can this atom produce?
  2. If atoms were smaller, Planck's constant would be....
  3. The electrical force between an inner electron and the nucleus of an atom is larger for atoms of...
    high atomic number.
  4. A new theory conforms to the correspondence principle when it...
    accounts for verified results of the old theory.
  5. Orbital electrons do not spiral into the nucleus because of...
    the wave nature of the electron.
  6. According to the correspondence principle, a new theory is valid if it...
    overlaps and agrees where the old theory works, accounts for confirmed results from the old theory, and predicts the same correct results as the old theory.
  7. Heavy atoms are not appreciably larger in size than light atoms because the nuclei of heavy atoms have more...
    electric charge.
  8. The Bohr model of the atom is akin to a...
    miniature solar system.
  9. Some alpha particles fired through a gold foil bounce backward by...
    electrostatic repulsion when close to gold nuclei.
  10. Most alpha particles fired at a gold foil pass through undeflected because the...
    atoms of gold, like any others, are mostly empty space.
  11. Alpha particles are repelled by atomic nuclei because...
    they both have the same sign of electric charge.
  12. When Rutherford had a stream of alpha particles hit a gold foil, most of the particles...
    went almost straight through.
  13. In the Bohr model of hydrogen, discrete radii and energy states result when an electron circles the atom in an integral number of...
    de Broglie wavelengths.
  14. An excited hydrogen atom is capble of emitting radiation of...
    many more than 3 frequencies.
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