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  1. Name Three Main Objectives Of Integrated Change Control
    1) Identify a method for requesting changes to established baselines

    2) Improve the project by considering the impact of a change

    3) communicate all changes to stakeholders
  2. Distinguish configuration management from Change Control
    • Configuration Management is a collection of formal documented procedures to:
    • 1) idenfity physical and functional characteristics of a product
    • 2) control changes to those characteristics
    • 3) Record changes and report implementation status
    • 4) Audit and verify conformance

    • Change Control
    • A collection of formal documented procedures that define how project deliverables and documentation are controlled, changed and approved
  3. What is MBO?
    Management By Objectives - 3 step process to 1) establish clear objectives 2) measure achievement and 3) adjust performance if needed
  4. How do you know whether an objective is clear?
    Different people can agree on a single meaning
  5. What are Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)?
    • Inputs to 5 of 6 Integration Management processes. Factors that influence project success such as:
    • Organizational Culture
    • Existing infrastructure & resources
    • Marketplace Conditions
    • Risk Tolerances
    • Information Systems
  6. What is Trend Analysis?
    Review of historical data points over a period of time. Mathematical model used to forecast future outcomes and determine whether performance is improving or deteriorating.
  7. What is work authorization?
    A procedure to sanction work so it's done at the right time and in the proper sequence. Usually done in writing but may be verbal on smaller projects.
  8. A common method for approving or rejecting change requests is a ?
    CCB (Change Control Board)
  9. Name 3 important things that must be accomplished as part of closing a project
    a) verify that exit criteria have been met (e.g. deliverables completed) b) products or services have been transferred to owners or next step c) document the reasons if a project is terminated before it is completed
  10. What Items should be in a project plan?
    • Subsidiary plans and associated components typically include:
    • - Scope Management Plan
    • - Schedule Management Plan
    • - Milestone List
    • - Resource Calendar
    • - Schedule Baseline
    • - Cost Management Plan
    • - Cost Baseline
    • - Quality Management Plan
    • - Quality Baseline
    • - Process Improvement Plan
    • - Staffing Management Plan
    • - Communication Management Plan
    • - Risk Management Plan
    • - Risk Register
    • - Procurement Management Plan
  11. What is a constraint?
    Any restriction or restraint that limits the project team's options or otherwise affects project outcomes.
  12. What is an assumption?
    Factors which, for planning purposes are considered to be real, true or certain - e.g. assuming a key person will be available on a given date
  13. Which organizational structure would tend to have the most complex information and communication flows?
    Matrix requires both vertical and horizontal communication flows
  14. What is the purpose of a mid-project evaluation?
    a) determine whether project is meeting its stated objectives

    b) reassesses whether the project objectives are still relevant and worthwhile
  15. In which process group are the scope and objectives usually determined?
    initiation (aka concept)
  16. What are typical activities associated with initiation?
    • - Select project
    • - Identify and document business need
    • - Establish goals and objectives
    • - Determine high-level product description, deliverables, constraints, assumptions, time-estimates, cost estimates and resource requirements
    • - Conduct feasability studies
    • - Define responsibilities of the PM
    • - Develop the project charter
  17. Typical activities associated with Planning?
    • - Create scope statement and scope management plan
    • - Create project team
    • - Develop WBS
    • - Finalize the team and create the resource management plan
    • - Develop WBS dictionaries
    • - Create network diagram
    • - Estimate time & cost
    • - Determine critical path
    • - Develop schedule and schedule management plan
    • - Establish budget
    • - Establish management plans (stakeholder, quality, risk, communication, procurement)
    • - Develop a formal project plan
    • - Obtain formal approval of project plan
    • - Hold a kick-off meeting
  18. Typical activities associated with Execution process group?
    • - Set up project organization
    • - conduct team-building and development
    • - perform quality assurance
    • - perform (execute) work packages
    • - Monitor project progress
    • - distribute information in accordance with the communication plan
  19. Typical activities associated with monitoring & controlling
    • - Implement integrated change control
    • - Measure and report proejct perfomance
    • - Execute specific change control plans: scope, schedule, cost, quality, risk and procurement
    • - Monitor project variances
    • - Take corrective action
  20. Typical Activities associated with closing process group?
    • - Review and accept project results (customer acceptance)
    • - Procurement audits
    • - Product verification
    • - Formal acceptance
    • - Evaluate results (lessons learned)
    • - Update and archive records
    • - Reassign resources
  21. Commonly used project selection methods
    • Benefit measurement methods
    • - comparative approaches, scoring models, benefit contribution, economic models

    • Constrained Optimization Methods:
    • - Linear programming
    • - Non-linear programming
    • - Dynamic programming
    • - Multi-objective programming
  22. What does a project charter do?
    • 1. Officially establishes the project
    • 2. Authorizes the PM to acquire resources to complete the project tasks
    • 3. Provides a general description of project objectives

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