PMP - Quality Management review

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  1. Who is responsible for project quality?
    the PM
  2. An assignable cause or variance indicates that
    there is a problem that is probably not just the result of random events and therefore needs to be corrected
  3. Define Quality
    • 1. The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfill project requirements
    • 2. Conformance to requirements/specs
    • 3. Fitness for use
    • 4. Prevention over inspection
    • 5. Meeting mutually agreed needs and expectations
  4. What is the best way to improve the reliability and maintainability of a product?
    Good DESIGN practices
  5. What are two major components of quality costs?
    • 1. Cost of conformance
    • 2. cost of non-conformance
  6. Under what conditions is sampling most useful?
    • - when the population is large
    • - when the cost of inspection is high
    • - when destructive testing is required
    • - when you believe there are not many defects
  7. Name four possible effects of poor quality
    • - Increased costs
    • - Decreased productivity
    • - Increased Risk
    • - Increased cost of monitoring
  8. What is the purpose of quality function deployment?
    To provide better product definition, i.e. more accurate engineering specifications
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