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  1. Explain Institutional vs. Product Advertising.
    Institutional Advertising is designed to enhance a company's image whereas Product Advertising serves to tout the benefits of a specific good or service.
  2. What are the 3 types of Product advertising and during which stages of the product's life cycle are they used?
    • Pioneering Advertising: Heavy during intro stage
    • Competitive Advertising: Growth phase
    • Comparative Advertising: stage of slow growth or those entering the market against strong competitors
  3. How does where consumers are in the AIDA process determine the creative development of the ad campaign?
    • The campaign may focus on:
    • Creating Attention
    • Arousing Interest
    • Stimulating Desire
    • Action of Buying the product (lead to)
  4. List some common advertising appeals (or reasons for a person to buy a product).
    • Profit
    • Health
    • Fear
    • Admiration
    • Convenience
    • Fun & Pleasure
    • Vanity & Egotism
    • Environmental Consciousness
  5. Name 11 common Executional Styles for Ads with an example of each.
    • Slice-of-Life: McD's Kids eating Happy Meals w/family
    • Lifestyle: Jetta in French Quarter
    • Spokesperson: Beyonce & Amex
    • Fantasy: Cars speeding around corners
    • Humorous: Twix "Need a Minute"
    • Real/Animated Product: Energizer Bunny
    • Symbols: GEICO's gecko
    • Mood/Image: DeBeers shadow images w/ diamonds
    • Demos: Laundry spot removers
    • Musical: Nike?
    • Scientific: Excedrin use of scientific fact putting it above others
  6. Pros & Cons of Newspaper as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Flexible, short lead time, geographic selectivity
    • Cons: Limited reproduction, low pass-along rate
  7. Pros & Cons of Magazines as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Good reproduction rate, Good selectivity, High pass-along rate
    • Cons: Lond lead times, lack of urgency
  8. Pros & Cons of Radio as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Low cost, good immediancy, flexibility, short lead time
    • Cons: no visuals, High Repetition needed
  9. Pros & Cons of TV as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Wide reach, Allows for vivid & creative messaging, cable channel highly selective
    • Cons: often High total cost, long lead times
  10. Pros & Cons of Outdoor Media as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Flexibility, geographic selectivity,, low-moderate cost
    • Cons: Limits scope of message, high level of clutter
  11. Pros & Cons of Internet as your Ad Media?
    • Pros: Very Selective, relatively short lead time, moderate cost
    • Cons: Difficult to measure effectiveness
  12. What are the 7 factors influencing the media mix, or combination of media to be used?
    • Cost per contact
    • Reach
    • Frequency
    • Audience Selectivity
    • Flexibility
    • Noise Level
    • Life Span
  13. What are the 4 basic types of Media Scheduling?
    • Continuous Media Schedule: used primarily for products in the later stages of the product life cycle, advertised on a reminder basis (ex) Ivory soap
    • Flighted Media Schedule: ads are heavily scheduled every other month or every two weeks to achieve a greater impact w/ an increased frequency and reach at those times (ex) Movie ads on Thursday to influence moviegoers for upcoming weekend
    • Pulsing Media Schedule: combines continuous w/ flighted. Continuous heavier during the best sale periods. (ex) Retailers-Black Friday
    • Seasonal Media Schedule: air during certain times of year. (ex) Sunscreen
  14. What are the 5 major PR tools used?
    • New-Product Publicity
    • Product Placement
    • Consumer Education
    • Sponsorship
    • Internet Web Sites

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