December 1 chemistry test review

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  1. what is the difference between CO and Co
    CO means 1 atom of carbon and 1 atom of oxygen

    Co means 1 atom of cobalt
  2. how do you read a chemical formula?
    for example H2O means 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen.
    O3 has 3 atoms of oxygen

    NaHCO3 has 1 atom of sodium, 1 atom of hydrogen, 1 atom ofcarbon, and 3 atoms of oxygen
  3. define the term element.
    an element the basic unit of matter and cannot be broken down into simpler substances.
  4. define substance.
    a substance is a type of matter where every particle (piece) is the same as every other particle (piece). subsances have chemicle formulas. substances are NOT mixtures.
  5. what are 3 ways to name or describe a substance.
    Chemical name, chemical formula, and common name.
  6. know what scientist put elements with similar characteristics in columns (up and down rows) on the periodic table.
  7. what is a chemical reaction?
    a chemical reaction occurs when the starting substance change into a new sustance.
  8. what observations might you be able to see or feel in a chemical reaction.
    Bubbling, color change, temperature change, new substances form, or a gas or a liquid or a solid appears.
  9. Sir Humphry Davy contributed what to chemistry?
    Sir Humphry Davy is probably best remembered today for his discoveries of several alkali and alkaline earth metals, as well as contributions to the discoveries of the elemental nature of chlorine and iodine.
  10. Marie Curie contributed what to chemistry?
    Marie Discovered Polonium and Radium
  11. John Dalton contributed what to chemistry?
    He developed the first useful atomic theory of matter around 1803
  12. Neils Bohr contributed what to chemistry?
    He developed the "Planetary" model of the atom.
  13. Dmitry Mendeleyev contributed what to chemistry?
    He put the elements with similar characteristics in columns on the periodic table.He made the periodic table.
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