Beginner Bible Bowl

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  1. The man and his wife made coverings when they realized that they were what?
    -- naked
  2. What do we read were sewed together?
    -- fig leaves
  3. What werenmade with fig leaves?
    -- covering
  4. The man and his wife heard the sound of God doing what?
    -- walking in the garden
  5. What was God doing in the cool of the day?
    -- walking in the garden
  6. When was God walking in the garden?
    -- in the cool of the day
  7. Who would crawl on his belly?
    -- the serpent
  8. Who had a belly?
    -- the serpent
  9. God put enmity between the serpent and who else?
    -- the woman
  10. What did God tell the serpent the woman's offspring would crush?
    -- your head
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