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  1. What is Vasculogenesis?
    The blood vessels are created de novo from lateral plate mesoderm.
  2. What is the role of Cdx4 in vasculogenesis?
    They become hemangioblasts per Cdx4
  3. What gene decides what the cells ultimate fate during vasculogenesis?
    Notch decides if they become angioblasts or blood cells
  4. How many waves are there in vasculogenesis and what are they?
    Amniotes have 2 waves of vasculogenesis � yolk sac and intraembryonic.
  5. How many main signaling factors are there for vasculogenesis and what are they?
    bFGF or FGF3, VEGF (there are 5 different one), and agiopoietens.
  6. What is the role of DEGF in vasculogenesis?
    VEGF acts through 3 receptors to recruit cells and form sheets and tubes (VEGF or VEGPR null mutant mice lack blood islands and do not undergo vasculogenesis)
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