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  1. Control
    a regulatory process of establishing standards to achieve organizational goals, comparing actual performance to the standard, and taking corrective action when necessary
  2. Standards
    a basis of comparison for measuring the extent to which various kinds of organizational performance are satisfactory/unsatisfactory
  3. Benchmarking
    process of identifying outstanding practices, process, and standards in other companies and adapting them
  4. Dynamic, Cybernetic control process
    • 1. Establish standards; historical, comparative, engineering
    • 2. Measure actual performance; objective data vs. subjective data
    • 3. Compare actual performance against the standards
    • 4. Evaluate the results and take corrective actions
  5. Feedforward control
    anticipate and prevent problems
  6. Concurrent control
    correct problems as they occur
  7. Feedback control
    ensure final results up to the standards
  8. Control loss
    when behavior and work procedures do not conform to standards
  9. Regulation costs
    the control costs and the consequences exceed its benefits
  10. Cybernetic feasibility
    the extent to which it is possible to implement each step in the control process
  11. Bureaucratic control
    • top-down control
    • use rewards and punishment to influence employee behaviors
    • use policies and rules to control employees
    • often inefficient and highly resistant to change
  12. Objective control (behavior/output)
    the use of observable measures of worker behavior or outputs to assess performance and influence behavior
  13. Behavior control
    regulation of workers' behaviors and actions on the job
  14. Output control
    regulation of workers' results or outputs through rewards and incentives
  15. Normative control
    • the regulation of workers' behavior and decisions through widely shared organizational values and beliefs
    • created by: careful selection of employees, observing experienced employees & listening to stories about the company
  16. Concertive control
    regulation of workers' behavior and decisions through work group values and beliefs
  17. Self-control or Self management
    a control system in which managers and workers control their own behavior by setting their own goals, monitoring their own progress, and rewarding themselves for goal achievement
  18. Sharpen the saw
    • Preserve and enchance your PC(assets)
    • physical
    • spiritual
    • mental
    • social/emotional
  19. Habits
    the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire
  20. Time management
    • 1. notes and checklists
    • 2. calendars and appointment books
    • 3. prioritization-things and time
    • 4. personal management; enchance relationship, accomplish results
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