Language arts short awnser

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  1. what are the two reading strategies we talked about in language arts this year
    • QAR
    • Synthesizing
  2. what does the word Genre mean
    the type of reading the book is
  3. what are the 6 traits of writing
    • ideas
    • organization
    • word choice
    • Sentence fluency
    • voice
    • conventions
  4. what are the four elements of narrative non-fiction
    • first person perspective
    • Brief scope of time
    • Highlights significance experience
    • includes reflection on the meaning of the event
  5. what are transitions and why are they important for your paper
    they are words or sentences that make your paper flow, they are important because your paper makes sense when you use them
  6. what three details should you try to use when writing
    • sensory
    • reflective
    • memory
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