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  1. the mind selects, organizes, and interprets that which we sense
    active perception
  2. a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behavior and artifacts that members of a society use to cope with one another and with their world
  3. you expose yourself to information that reinforces, rather than contradicts, your beliefs or opinions
    selective exposure
  4. objects physically close to others will be perceived as a unit or group
  5. the tendency to remember better the things that reinforce your beliefs, rather than those that oppose them
    selective retention
  6. elements are grouped together because they resemble each other in size, shape, color, or other attributes
  7. the tendeny to fill in missing info in order to complete an otherwise incomplete figure or statement
  8. the tendency to see, hear, and believe only what you want to see, hear and believe
    selective perception
  9. the focal point of your attention and the background against which your focused attention occurs
    figure and ground
  10. sustained focus we give to stimuli we deem important
    selective attention
  11. a group whose beliefs or behaviors distinguish it from the larger culture of which it is a part and with which it shares numerous similarities
  12. the part an individual plays in a group as an individual
  13. your uniquely constructed meaning attributed to sensed stimuli
    subjective perception
  14. the idea that your past experiences lead you to see the world in a way that is difficult to change, your initial perceptions persist
    perceptual constancy
  15. nonverbal movements that accompany or reinforce verbal messages
  16. the study of the way humans use laqnguage to evoke meaning in others
  17. nonverbal movements of face and body used to show emotion
    affect display
  18. study of human use of space and distance
  19. nonverbal movements that you might perform fully in private but only partially in public
  20. words and phrases used informally
  21. study of language as used in social context
  22. the exchange of information between individuals who are unalike culturally
    intercultural communication
  23. marginalized people seek three goals:
    assimilation, accomodation, or seperation
  24. the belief that your own group is far superior to any others
  25. having a negative attitude against a people because of who they are
  26. culture that values individual freedom, choice, independence, and uniqueness, competition over co-operation, "I before we"
  27. value group over individual, value commitment to family, "we over I", tribe and clan, loyal,
    collectivist cultures
  28. tolerate ambiguity, uncertainty, and diversity-
    uncertainty accepting
  29. have many rules, want to know how to behave, reject outsiders
    uncertainty rejecting
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