MCB 62 LSD and Mescaline

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  1. Arthur Heffter
    1897 isolated mescaline from peyote cactus
  2. Delysid
    • Brand name for LSD, made by Sandoz and distributed free of charge for research
    • 1950s
    • suggested psychiatrists take it to understand their mental patients better
  3. LSD in Clinical Research
    • 1950s-1960s there was clinical research using LSD for the treatment of addiction, psychosis, and other mental illnesses
    • Bill Wilson, founder of AA, had experienced this
  4. CIA and Government Use
    1950S government looked into possible chemical weapon use
  5. Aldous Huxley
    • wrote "The Doors of Perception"
    • helped name "psychedelics"
  6. Timothy Leary 1920-1996
    • PHD from Berkeley
    • Nixon called him the "most dangerous man in America"
    • psychologist that encouraged LSD useage
  7. Owsley Stanley
    • LSD maker in Berkeley
    • Gave away LSD free or low cost in the Bay Area in the 60s, contributed to its popularity
  8. LSD Blotter Paper
    • 1970s introduced
    • paper with small squares of LSD, perfect portions
  9. Possible Adverse Effects of LSD and pyschedelics
    • known physical toxicity is low to nonexistant
    • therapeutic index is very high
    • dangerous behavior while intoxicared possible
    • anxiety and panic associated with a bad trip
    • creation or exacerbating of long term cognitive/emotional problems
  10. Flashbacks
    re-experiencing altered state in absence of the drug
  11. Banning of LSD
    • late 1960s laws against LSD in some states including California
    • 1968 CSA Schedule 1
  12. LSD in the Brain
    agonist @ serotonin 2A receptors
  13. Psilocybe cubenis
    • psychedelic mushroom containing psilocybin and related molecules
    • psilocybin and psilocin are the active chemicals
    • Identified by Albert Hoffman in 1958
  14. R. Gordon Wasson
    • oaxaca, mexico in the 1950s
    • found ritual mushroom usage by the mazatecs
    • techanacatl= aztec name meaning "flesh of the gods"
  15. Maria Sabina
    mazatec shaman who introduced the modern world to the ritual ehtnobotanical uses of mushrooms in her culture
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