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  1. Beethoven had a career in which city and during which time?
    Vienna 1792-1827
  2. Beethoven's works were considered unprecedented in which aspects?
    Their individuality, dramatic power, and wide appeal.
  3. What did Beethoven accomplish, generally, in his works?
    He changed society's concept of music and of composers.
  4. Beethoven bridged which two eras?
    Classical to Romanticism
  5. Beethoven had _ symphonies and _ piano sonatas. Which violin concerto was the most famous?
    9, 32. Missa Solemnis
  6. Beethoven's First period was in which years and what were his main accomplishments?
    1792-1802. Moonlight Sonata, Pathetique sonata.
  7. Beethoven's Second period was in which years and what were his main accomplishments?
    1802/1803-1815. Waldstein, Appassionata.
  8. Beethoven's Third period was during which years and what were his main accomplishments? What was personally significant?
    1815-1827. Missa Solemnis, the Ninth Symphony. Explores extremes of length and brevity, texture, and harmonic freedom. Leaves the Classical traditions, becoming introspective.
  9. What was the name of Beethoven's letter on his suicidal consideration?
    Heilgenstadt Testament
  10. Beethoven ended up, in going deaf, creating what type of new concept for instrumental music?
    Instrumental music as DRAMA.
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