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  1. deplorable
    awful, dirty, disastrous, unbearable, poor, lousy, miserable
  2. parsimony
    frugality, selfishness, cheap (someone is)
  3. mete
    allow, portion, give, share
  4. assertion
    allegation, defense, report, contention
  5. rancor
    grudge, hatred, vengeance, malice, antagonism
  6. forge
    copy, design, duplicate, fake, trace, produce, invent
  7. bemusing
    amaze, bewilder, daze, stun, perplex, puzzle
  8. chide
    blame, check, condemn, rebuke, scold, lecture
  9. assail
    abuse, assault, bash, criticize, malign, trash
  10. ubiquitous
    everywhere, omnipresent, universal
  11. cull
    choose, discriminate, mark, prefer, select, take
  12. devise
    arrange, cast, cogitate, construct, discover, create, invent, plan, shape, plot
  13. abide
    accept, bear, concede, consent, endure, stand, take, tolerate
  14. adduce
    cite, illustrate, prove, show
  15. ephemeral
    brief, fleeting, temporary, passing
  16. penury
    barrenness, need, indigence, insuffciency
  17. furtive
    artful, cautious, cunning, elusive, sly, evasive, sly, stealthy, hidden
  18. demur
    challenge, combat, complain, dispute, oppose, object, shy, strain, resist
  19. Surreptitiously
    secretly, stealthily, privately
  20. Conflagration
    blaze, burning, holocaust, inferno
  21. Appertaining
    apply pertain, refer, relate
  22. Malign
    destructive, harmful, hateful, wicked, vicious, sinister
  23. Insidious
    corrupt, crooked, cunning, deceitful, dishonest, secret, trecherous
  24. Abate
    decline, decrease, diminish, recede, reduce, taper
  25. Vain
    arrogant, boastful, egocentric, proud
  26. Genus
    brand, breed, class, category, group, kind, style, section
  27. Impute
    accredit, accuse assign, charge, refer, reference
  28. Palpable
    apparent, believable, certain, credible, evident, noticeable, perceptible, striking, visable
  29. Meretricious
    blatant, bogus counterfeit, misleading, sham, superficial
  30. Peremptorily
    immediately, promptly, readily, swiftly
  31. Bereft
    cut off, deprived, wanting, without, naked
  32. Pensive
    absorbed, attentive, thinking, reflective,
  33. Haggard
    drawn, exhausted, faded, ghastly, starved, wasted, weak, tired
  34. Enigmatic
    cryptic, mysterious, perplexing, uncertain, inexplicable, obscure
  35. Conjure
    ask, beg, brace, appeal to, crave, cast spell

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