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  1. Types of Fractures:
    • Closed Fracture
    • Open Fracture
    • Hairline Fracture
    • Impacted Fracture
    • Transverse Fracture
    • Oblique Fracture
    • Comminuted Fracture
    • Spiral Fracture
    • Fatigue Fracture
    • Greenstick Fracture
    • Epiphyseal Fracture
  2. Closed Fracture
    A broken bone in which the bone ends of the forces that caused it to not penetrate the skin
  3. Open Fracture
    A broken bone in which the bone ends of the forces that caused it penetrate the skin
  4. Hairline Fracture
    Small crack in a bone that does not disrupt its total structure
  5. Impacted Fracture
    Break in a bone in which the bone is compressed on itself
  6. Transverse Fracture
    A break that tuns across a bone perpendicular to the bone's orientation
  7. Oblique Fracture
    Break in abone running across it at an angle other than 90 degrees
  8. Comminuted Fracture
    Fracture in which a bone is broken into several pieces
  9. Spiral Fracture
    A curving break in a bone as may be cause by roatational forces
  10. Fatigue Fracture
    Break in a bone associated with prolonged or repeated stress
  11. Greenstick fracture
    Partial fracture of a child's bone
  12. Epiphyseal fracture
    Disruption in the epiphyseal plate of a child's bone
  13. Musculoskeletal Injury Care:
    • Protect open wounds
    • Proper position in neutral or position of comfort
    • Immobilize injury
    • Monitor neurovascular function
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