Graphs & Charts Vocabulary

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  1. Graph in which the lengths of bars are used to represent and compare data.
    bar graph
  2. A sample that's not representative of the population from which it is selected.
    biased sample
  3. Displays data as sections of a circle. The entire circle represents all the data & is labeled using fractions, decimals or % of the sum of the data.
    circle graph
  4. Information, facts or numbers that describe something.
  5. The number of times an item, number, or event occurs in a set of data.
  6. A table used to group data values into intervals.
    frequency table
  7. A graph that displays data from a frequency table; has one bar for each interval of the table that contains data values. The length of the bar indicates the frequency for the interval.
  8. A set containing all points (or all real numbers) between two given endpoints.
  9. A type of graph in which points representing data pairs are connected by line segments.
    line graph
  10. A number line diagram that uses X marks to show the frequencies of items or categories being tallied.
    line plot
  11. The sum of the values in a data set divided by the number of values.
  12. The middle value in a data set when the values are written in numerical order. If the data set has an even number of values, the median is the mean of the 2 middle values.
  13. The number that occurs most frequently in a set of numbers.
  14. A visual display (graph) of data shown by using symbols. Also may be referred to as a picture graph.
  15. In statistics, the entire group of people or objects about which you want information.
  16. A sample selected in such a way that each member of the population has an equally likely chance to be part of the sample.
    random sample
  17. The difference between the largest and smallest values in a numerical data set.
    range (of a data set)
  18. A part of a population.
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